Mommy & Me

HEY MOMS (and caregivers)! We know you all have crazy schedules

and a wild child (or more), but what if we told you that you don't

have to do it alone! Come take some of your stress away and bend

and bond with other moms, caregivers AND your littles.

No judgements. Just love, fun and yoga.

Tiny Yogis

A great beginner class for your little one to start. We will work on

breathing exercises, practicing partner poses, and basic yoga

poses and stretches. Tons of fun in this class with friends!

Sunrise Yoga

Start your day before the sun is awake. Working on breathing

techniques and full body focus to give you energy and comfort

to battle the work day.

Power Yoga

Get your energy flowing and the sweat pouring in this fun, yet

challenging yoga class. If you would like to take your experience to

the next level, we can add weights and resistance bands.


Poses are taught with a focus on alignment and breath

while entering, holding, and leaving the posture. This is a

great class to begin your yoga journey.

Slow & Steady (Yoga)

Quiet your mind and relieve soreness in soothing sessions

that will have you feeling refreshed when you leave.

Mindful and measured movements that can bring balance

to your hectic schedules.


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